Art Program

ART- A program that allows our participants to explore and create  using different types of media.  Painting, sculpting and papier-mâché are some of the favorites.   

Crochet Club

CROCHET, KNITTING, WEAVING- Participants in this lively group work on and complete blankets, scarves, teddy bears etc.  You do not have to have prior knowledge of crochet, knitting or weaving to participate!  Items are then donated to other local nonprofits such as Blankie Depot, Holiday Express, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia or other local organizations.  It is our way of giving back to the community. 

Wellness Program

WELLNESS- This program is designed to educate and empower the BVI to take charge of their well-being.  Topics have included diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, eye disease, depression and chronic pain.  Each discussion or topic is led by a guest speaker with knowledge on that particular topic or someone working in that field.  We also have visits from certified therapy dogs up 2-3 times a month. 


 PEER SUPPORT GROUP- Adjusting to vision loss is a journey, and one that you do not have to navigate alone!  Those who are blind, visually impaired and  those who are experiencing deteriorating vision and their families are invited to participate.  Discussions include coping skills, , emotional support among others.  


SPECIAL INTERST GROUPS- special interest groups include  gardening, dancing, singing and trivia.